Republicans Say God is the Only Gun Reform We Need
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Now it all makes sense. Mere prayers when schools, grocery stores and parades are the scenes of mass shootings. The strong resistance against gun reform legislation. Ignoring separation of church and state altogether, particularly in recent Supreme Court decisions.  “Anti-woke” agendas. It’s a larger political plot to make the entire country submit to religious indoctrination and buy into a “moral majority” campaign without having to enact life-saving legislation.

In response to recent mass shootings, several conservative politicians have made comments insinuating that God is the only gun reform we need. Americans should be outraged, especially those that have lost loved ones to gun violence and in mass shootings.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas believe that had everyone just prayed more, maybe 19 students and two teachers wouldn’t have been massacred in the Uvalde school shooting last month.

Both also blamed the removal of prayer in schools as a reason for the increase in mass shootings. Gohmert said, “Look, maybe if we heard more prayers from leaders of this country instead of taking God’s name in vain, we wouldn’t have the mass killings like we didn’t have before prayer was eliminated from school”.

Republicans say God, not legislation, would reduce mass shootings

Scalise argued that while AR-15s existed in the 1960s, they didn’t have these mass shootings because they had prayer in schools back in those days.

 Prayer had been banned in schools since 1962 and a little over 30 years later, an assault weapons ban was implemented in 1994. What Scalise failed to mention was how from 1994 to 2004, there was a 70% chance that mass shooting deaths were less likely to occur. But when the ban was lifted, these incidents were back on the rise. 

So that wasn’t prayer that curbed mass shootings during that 10 year period–that was policy.

Also, in an article written in the Huffington Post, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) says she is “tired” of the long-standing separation between church and state in the U.S., adding that she believes “the church is supposed to direct the government.”

Ma’am, there are reportedly over 4,000 religions practiced worldwide. Exactly which church is supposed to direct the government and represent the values and morals of everyone’s ideology in this so-called democracy?

At least one Republican – IL Rep. Adam Kinzinger – has had the courage to call out this emerging Christian Taliban. But as for the ones trying to make Americans drink the Christianity Kool-Aid, next thing we know they’ll be standing in front of Congress with a “policy proposal” to walk by faith and not by sight and still no gun reform.

Well, walking by faith and not by sight means disregarding the significant rise in mental health issues. It means ignoring an intense and growing racial divide that has ignited homegrown terrorism. It neglects to address the real issue that gun violence has become. And it’s a slap in the face to Americans that command and deserve intentional and concrete legislation to combat these issues.

If Republicans want to lead through God, how about they follow the tenant “Faith without works is dead”. Because as long as they push this prayer propaganda absent of policy, this country will continue to perish.

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  1. You are correct about ‘faith without works is dead’. And sadly, many politicians likely don’t believe in prayer at all, but use it as a means of controlling their voter base while simultaneously not taking action.

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