Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm is making ‘AgriHood’ a thing

by Ezekiel J. Walker
Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm is making 'AgriHood' a thing
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Dubbed one of the nation’s top 10 innovative farms by the American Farm Bureau Federation, Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm is bringing “AgriHood” is wired to bring Baltimore bundles of fresh .

Founded eight years ago by Richard Francis, affectionately known as Farmer Chippy, he linked up with the Caribbean diaspora in Baltimore to grow food collaboratively with Park Heights residents.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Plantation has grown beyond Park Heights, with farmers aiming to grow 250,000 pounds of food across 30 Baltimore City-owned vacant lots, all leased by the Plantation.  

AgriHood to grow just like its plants

Collectively, these farmers and others in Baltimore plan to build the city’s first “AgriHood” — a marketplace and community-shared agriculture and training resource institute. By the end of the year, training for farmers on food safety and good agricultural practices will be complete, as well as soil testing and risk assessments across the farm’s sites.

The AgriHood will make programming more formalized and consistent, said Francis, who has secured partnerships with University of Maryland, Coppin State University and Holistic Wellness and Health, which offers healthy plant-based cooking classes.

“We’ll be positioned and ready to serve our youngest citizens, those who are at risk in Park Heights,” Francis said. “The institute is going to put agriculture in the classroom and [be] following through with our children so that they can become farmers and chefs before they become scientists, doctors and lawyers.”

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