NYC man shoots and kills McDonalds worker over "cold fries"
Morgan is facing upgraded charges after Webb was declared dead and has also been charged with murder in relation to killing in October 2020 that happened just six blocks away. Photo via Daily Mail.
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A McDonald’s worker who was shot in the neck during an argument over a customer’s cold fries has died from his injuries, per The Daily Mail.

Matthew Webb, at only 23 years of age, was shot by an even younger gunman Michael Morgan, 20, on Monday and was later rushed to a nearby hospital in a critical condition.

NYPD confirmed Friday morning that after being declared brain dead, Webb has now passed away.

A Black man killed another Black man over “cold fries.” Wake Up.

Webb, from Queens, was shot outside a McDonald’s in Bedford-Stuyvesant following the heated spat. Around 7pm on Monday, the suspect’s mother Lisa Fulmore, 40, returned to McDonald’s on Fulton Street to complain about her fries being cold.

Morgan, who was on FaceTime with his mother during the confrontation, showed up at the McDonalds where he intervened, authorities said.

Video surveillance reportedly shows Morgan punching Webb in the face, and when the worker tried to get up, he shoots him in the neck before fleeing the scene, and attempts to dispose of his clothing, prosecutors alleged.

Suspect did not act alone in murder.

Morgan was taken into custody Monday night. His girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, has also been charged in connection with the case after she allegedly handed Morgan the gun prior to the shooting, prosecutors said.

Morgan kept his eyes down and didn’t speak as he was arraigned on Thursday for the attempted murder.

Assistant District Attorney Luis Paternina said, before it was announced that Webb had died, that upgraded charges are likely against Morgan, who is being held without bail pending another court appearance next week.

Morgan was also arraigned in a separate October 2020 murder that he reportedly confessed to earlier this week. He had been arrested several times as well, including for grand larceny in 2019 and assault and theft of service in 2018, police sources said. He also has numerous sealed arrest cases.

It’s not yet been confirmed that his charge has been escalated to homocide.

Another mother traumatized by American gun violence.

Webb’s devastated mother spoke to the New York Post outside Brooklyn’s Brookdale Hospital. “I’m really not ready for this,” she said. “I’m just going back and forth with so many flashes in mind. My mind is not stable.”

According to the New York Post, the number of city murders, shootings and gun-violence victims in July saw double-digit percentage bumps compared to roughly the same month last year.

The troubling figures have helped fuel a nearly 40% increase in major crimes overall so far this year compared to the same period in 2021, continuing a dismal trend.

Murders saw a 35% increase this past July compared to roughly the same period last year, going from 31 to 42. Shooting victims and gun incidents also saw a nearly 10% bump apiece. Shooting victims increased from 180 to 196, and shooting incidents jumped from 142 to 156.

Even US Attorney General Merrick Garland has sought to aid NYC’s increased gun violence. “We spent some considerable amount of time in New York looking at the way in which our federal agents, our federal prosecutors and state and local prosecutors, all working together in fusion centers, evaluate a list of the top shooters, the people who are the most important drivers of violent crime in New York City,” Garland explained.

“We are all working together carefully; to locate those shooters, to arrest them, to take them off the street and make sure that they see swift and certain justice,” he continued.

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