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A Mississippi grand jury has declined to indict the accuser of Emmett Till in wake of a recently found unserved arrest warrant. The Leflore County grand jury returned a “no bill” verdict, determining that there was not sufficient evidence to indict Carolyn Bryant Donham.

On the Grand Jury’s Decision 

District Attorney Dewayne Richardson said the jury considered charges of kidnapping and manslaughter according to a news release from his office.

After hearing more than seven hours of testimony from investigators and witnesses, the grand jury did not find enough evidence to bring an indictment.

“The murder of Emmett Till remains an unforgettable tragedy in this country and the thoughts and prayers of this nation continue to be with the family of Emmett Till,” Richardson said in a statement.

Cousin of Emmett Till responds

Joshua Harris-Till, cousin of Emmett Till, told The Black Wall Street Times that the decision was expected.

“The police had sympathy for her when the warrant was first issued and they have sympathy for her now because of her age. Why do they have that sympathy is the question right,” Harris-Till said.

The former president of the Young Democrats of America is running for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District, and if elected would be the youngest Black man ever elected to Congress.

Carolyn Bryant Donham Found After Unserved Warrant Revealed

In June, an unserved warrant for Donham’s arrest dating from 1955 was found in a Mississippi courthouse basement dated August 29, 1955, the day after Emmett Till was lynched. 

Till’s family wanted the warrant to be served and for Donham to finally be held responsible for her role in Till’s death.

“Serve it and charge her,” Teri Watts, a relative of Till, told the Associated Press. 

Then, at the beginning of August Carolyn Bryant Donham was photographed outside her Kentucky home for the first time in over two decades. This renewed calls for justice for Till and Donham’s arrest. 

 Following the Leflore grand jury’s decision, it is highly unlikely that Donham will ever be held criminally responsible for Till’s death.

 The story of Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till, and her fight for justice will be released this fall in a cinematic film titled “Till”.

“Emmett was so tortuously beaten that the Governor demanded the casket not be opened. Mamie opened it to show the world the ugliness of racism and injustice, but to those in power they are still trying to keep his casket closed and the ugly truth hidden,” Harris-Till said.

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