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By Chris Creese

On Tuesday, August 16th, Tulsa artist Scott Taylor was accused of allegedly being a sexual predator via a series of posts on Twitter containing legal documents from multiple instances, including his former stepdaughter. 

This proved to be a watershed moment for victims of his alleged abuse as many women came forward shortly afterward sharing stories. 

Taylor is known around Tulsa for his charisma in positioning himself with various power structures in the city. 

The problem is not just the allegations against Scott Taylor. He is just the latest in a long line of men in Tulsa. We have a problem as a community where women do not feel safe or comfortable enough – and for good reason – to out these alleged predators until something critical enough, something so heinous happens to have these waterfall moments. 

Public Radio Tulsa released an article on Thursday, in which Taylor denied the allegations.

“There’s never been any filings against me ever. Now, I’m being forced to take it to the courts to clear my name. I just want the truth and justice,” he said.

Dozens of women accuse Tulsa artist Scott Taylor of sexual misconduct, inappropriate behavior

We have created a situation where we allow these men to further and further insulate themselves into the power structures in the city, and by doing so, make it harder and harder for victims to speak up without fear of repercussions or worse; burnt bridges. 

Some on social media have even hinted that high school girls have accused Scott Taylor of “being creepy.”

In a town where there’s two degrees of separation between a Reasor’s employee and the mayor’s office, it doesn’t take long for word to spread around town to prevent you from succeeding. 

If we cannot dismantle the systems that allow boys like this, who only work for their own self interests, from building power to protect themselves, we cannot ever hope to have a community where women feel safe. 

Scott Taylor is the latest in a long list of alleged people who have perversely used the art community for their own personal gain.

But if we do better – listen to women, give them spaces which they feel safe enough to speak up when this happens and know there will be actions taken – he can hopefully be one of the last.

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