Oath Keepers Roster has Politicians, Police Officers, Military, etc.

by Mike Creef, Staff Writer
Oath Keepers Roster has Politicians, Police Officers, Military, etc.
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The names of politicians, police officers, military members, and more have appeared on a leaked list for the domestic terrorist group Oath Keepers.

The Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism analyzed more than 38,000 names on the Oath Keepers’ membership list to understand just how deep the group’s anti-government ideology has permeated mainstream society.

More than 600 people from the Oath Keepers data leak were found to be either elected officials, law enforcement officers, military members, or first responders.

The House Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection found that members of the Oath Keepers came together with Proud Boys members in encrypted chats to plan actions on that infamous day.

Oath Keepers founder and leader Elmer “Stewart” Rhodes met with Proud Boys leader Henry Enrique Tarrio and others in an underground parking garage on January 5, according to the Justice Department. The group “conspired to corruptly obstruct, influence, and impede an official proceeding, the certification of the Electoral College vote” the Justice Department stated.

“The Oath Keepers was founded in April 2009 by Rhodes, and from its inception it displayed an extremist anti-government ideology,” the report says. “Much like the rest of the anti-government militia movement, the group’s members believe that a shadowy conspiracy, often referred to as the New World Order, has co-opted the federal government to strip Americans of their rights and ultimately enslave them.”

Oath Keepers Roster Similar To KKK Roster During Tulsa Race Massacre

The released names of members of the Oath Keepers show just how far extremist ideologies have infiltrated law enforcement and the military who are tasked with enforcing laws and protecting the U.S., as well as politicians who are responsible for creating laws.

The infiltration is reminiscent of the KKK’s infiltration within Tulsa’s population during the Tulsa Race Massacre in which over 1,000 Klan members across various occupations and City departments were identified to have participated in the organized destruction of the original Black Wall Street. 

The Black Wall Street Times has obtained an original copy of a Ku Klux Klan roster from the same era of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, housed at the University of Tulsa. 

The effects of the Massacre remain apparent today, according to the Human Rights Watch. For over one hundred years, the secretive influence and ubiquitous nature of the Klan in the City of Tulsa and the U.S. at large cannot be understated.


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