Brett Favre texts appear to show he was aware of welfare scheme
Here, former NFL quarterback Brett Farve is pictured during an appearance on Fox Business Network at Fox Studios on February 10, 2015 in New York, New York. Favre's attorney on Thursday revealed the ex-football star was questioned by the FBI in a welfare fraud case.
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As an NFL Quarterback, Brett Favre earned nearly $140 million over two decades and millions more in product endorsements according to NBC News. Yet, in 2017, newly revealed text message exchanges appear to show Favre was aware funds were being improperly routed to him in pursuit of a volleyball facility at his alma mater of Southern Miss, where his daughter played volleyball and he attended as a college-athlete.

The state of Mississippi paid Favre $1.1 million in 2017 and 2018 to make motivational speeches — out of federal welfare funds intended for needy families.

Gov. Tate Reeves, center, poses for a photo with NFL quarterback Brett Favre and former Gov. Phil Bryant at a July 2019 fundraiser hosted by Poncho James, a member of the USM Athletic Foundation board of directors. Credit: Twitter: Tate Reeves

In the text message, Favre expressed relief that then-governor Phil Bryant was on board for the deal.

Not only did Favre get paid for speeches he never delivered, but while doing so, he diverted funds from qualified welfare Mississippi recipients.

As Jackson residents struggle to drink clean water under a boil-water advisory, it is Favre who now finds himself in the hottest water in the state.

Political narratives surrounding welfare and poverty are often blamed on Black recipients, yet it is Favre who is “stealing tax-dollars.” This evolving case illustrates that it is clearly the ruling-class politicians and their wealthy donors and friends who are helping themselves to “free money.”

This isn’t the first time Brett Favre’s phone has gotten him into trouble

This latest news in the welfare scheme has many calling out Favre like never before. Author Jeff Pearlman, who wrote a biography of the Green Bay Packer legend published in 2016, has went out of his way to disassociate himself with the now disgraced NFL Hall of Fame QB.

Favre hasn’t been accused of a crime or charged, and he declined recent interview requests from numerous media publications.

Despite the newly revealed text messages, his lawyer, Bud Holmes, previously stated he did nothing wrong and contends Favre never understood he was paid with money intended to help Mississippi’s poorest children.

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