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The pandemic lockdowns caused millions of people to quit their jobs or relocate to new fields, but employee mental health concerns at work haven’t changed.

As the country seeks a stable economy following the “Great Resignation,” Plannly, an adaptive wellness platform, seeks to stabilize mental wellbeing to benefit both employees and their employers.

“We believe it’s really important being able to keep pace with an employee’s life, if they’re experiencing something that ‘s more mental health related, to be able to help them with more preventative care, and to make sure that their information is confidential,” Plannly President Earl Harris told The Black Wall Street Times.


Plannly keeps up with an employee’s wellbeing and proactively recommends the best personalized benefits to promote healthier, happier and engaged employees. 

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Important life changes that can impact an employee’s wellbeing include pregnancy, child birth, or a death in the family.

“Everyone’s wellness needs are unique, and they constantly change over the course of a year,” Plannly CEO Alisha Harris said. “Giving employers a platform to where their benefits can actually adapt to these employees’ changes is the problem that we’re solving.”

Together CEO Alisha Harris and her husband, President Earl Harris, have spent weeks participating in a Tulsa accelerator program.

Build in Tulsa’s Techstars Accelerator brings together diverse tech founders focused on creating solutions and connects them with the resources to expand.

“Plannly will be the next Black tech unicorn offering benefits for the future of work,” CEO Alisha Harris told The Black Wall Street Times.

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Tech platform Plannly wants to disrupt employee resignations

As an extrovert, Earl Harris said he experienced depression when the pandemic caused a shut down of his normal life. Left untreated, his depression led to the loss of his job. Knocked down, Harris refused to be defeated.

During a time of mass upheaval and change, Harris worked on the creation of a micro-scheduling platform. After multiple lockdowns and more customer research, Alisha and Earl Harris pivoted in 2021 to social wellness.

Now, the duo remain determined to show companies the personal and organizational benefits Plannly offers.


The nation’s “quit” rate reached a 20-year high in 2021, according to Pew Research Center.

Over half of those surveyed said feeling disrespected at work was a major factor in their decision to quit. And over 40 % of those surveyed listed poor benefits as a reason to resign.

Moreover, a 2021 Harvard Business Review study shows that while more employers are embracing mental wellness, the rate of employees with mental health challenges is increasing. Younger and historically underrepresented workers struggle the most, the report shows.

Anonymous assessments and wellbeing check-ins

For instance, 68% of millennials quit their job due to mental health reasons in 2021 compared to 50% who quit in 2019. Overall, 50% of respondents cited mental health concerns as a reason for their resignation in 2021 compared to 34% in 2019.

“It actually costs twice as much to hire and replace someone than to invest in someone and keep that employee healthy, happy to work,” Earl Harris said.

Keeping employee information confidential, Plannly offers ongoing, anonymous assessment and wellbeing check-ins to help with any problems the employee may be experiencing.


Alisha Harris noted how the platform helps remote workers especially.

“I’m very bubbly. I talk to everybody. If I’m going through maybe a death in the family, they’re gonna see that change,” Harris said. “But if I’m a remote worker, they’re not going to see that change. So, we’re helping them have a more bird’s eye view on their workforce.”

To learn more about Plannly visit their website. To connect with CEO Alisha Harris and President Earl Harris, visit linkedin.

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