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Kastellio Vaughan was healthy according to his sister Kassie, who last saw him on July 24 when visiting him at Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore County, Alabama. However, when she received two recent photos, she became alarmed; the words, ‘GET HELP’ were inscribed under the image, which only furthered her fears.

Vaughan, who is 32, is currently serving 25 years for multiple charges of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle and first-degree robbery.

Three weeks ago, local news affiliate 12 WSFA, who spoke with Vaughan’s family said that he’d complained about stomach pain.


According to ABC News, photos depicting Kastellio Vaughan slumped over, emaciated, and with a large, undressed wound extending down his abdominal area were allegedly sent by an unidentified inmate at Elmore Correctional Center.

The inmate who sent the photos claimed he saw Kastellio Vaughan vomiting and in a weakened state after being released to Elmore’s general population on Aug. 30. That was the same day Kastellio Vaughan had surgery to remove part of his small intestine due to complications from an old gunshot wound, according to his sisters.

“He said, ‘Your brother’s not gonna make it until Monday. Please get him help.’…[He said] they brought him back to general population at the prison, they didn’t cover up his wounds, and the staples was bursting out of his abdomen,” Kassie Vaughan told ABC News.

The family received a call from another inmate who let them know that their brother had went into surgery at the prison’s medical facility. Part of his intestines were removed, per the inmate. The family alleges they were unaware any medical procedure had been planned, much less performed.


Vaughn’s family now fears for his life, saying the Alabama Department of Corrections is neglecting his health.

“He’s looking terrible. Just one word, terrible. He’s feeling weak in spirit. He’s really just, he’s really feeling low,” Kascie Vaughan told ABC News. “He doesn’t look like Kastellio, the brother that we know.”

Wanting to lay eyes on Kastellio, the family visited with him on Sunday, however, the Vaughan’s claim their brother’s appearance and condition have not appeared to improve “at all” since the photos were taken.

The family states he was using a wheelchair and unable to walk while they were at the facility. He also now has to use absorbent briefs, which the sisters said another inmate has to help change or he’s forced to try and do it by himself.

He’s lost 75 pounds according to his sister, who posted the picture to her Facebook.

According to prison officials, Kastellio Vaughan had been in touch with his family and was observed walking and eating after his transfer to Stranton Correctional.

“He has been in contact with his family to update them on his situation and ease their concerns,” the department said in a statement about Vaughan’s condition on Friday. “Inmate Vaughan has requested and received medical attention with the ADOC at least 11 times between July 30, 2022, and September 22, 2022. As a result, each time he received appropriate medical treatment and/or care.”

“The ADOC offers a constitutional level care to all inmates,” the statement continued. “However, inmates are not required to undergo care, just as citizens in the civilian world are afforded choice of whether to receive care.”

The Black Wall Street Times reached out to the Alabama Department of Corrections for an update on Vaughan’s medical condition, however, no response was granted by the time of this article’s publication.

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