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The NBA’s most habitual line-stepper Draymond Green is at it again. This time, new video shows Green attacking teammate Jordan Poole in the middle of a team practice.

As the greatest trash talker to average less than 10 points a game, Green has made a name for himself as an agitator and nuisance to teammates, opponents, referees, and fans alike.

TMZ obtained the video of the altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole at practice

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) October 7, 2022

Unsatisfied with merely being average and quiet, Green has used his cackly voice to call both LeBron James and former teammate Kevin Durant a” b••ch.” Regardless of stature and accomplishment, Green has made a career of disrespecting anyone he’s on the court with and apparently, even up-and-coming co-stars aren’t safe either.

Last season, Green averaged 7.5 points per game as Warriors newcomer Jordan Peele averaged 18.5 and was heavily relied on as the team, led by Steph Curry, ascended on their way to win the NBA championship.

Draymond Green sucker-punches Jordan Poole

As someone who always has something to say, perhaps he said the wrong thing to Jordan Poole, who wasn’t willing to verbally back down from Greene during practice. As the newly released TMZ video shows, Green aggressively approached Poole, and after being shoved away, he UFC superman-punched Poole in the face before both were separated by team personnel.

Poole, unharmed by the strike, is now emerging as the third best player on the team behind established Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. He’s already surpassed Green’s limited on-court talent. While the details of what caused the fight have yet to become public, Green has been known to agitate everyone, even his head coach Steve Kerr, who too, once took a punch from Michael Jordan in practice.

Throughout the past few NBA seasons, Green has often been at risk of suspension due to accumulated technical fouls. While arguments and excuses are made for his hockey-like “enforcer” role, fighting a teammate over exchanged words reeks of jealousy, resentment, and insecurity as his role on the championship team diminishes with each passing year.

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