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A 22-year old Black woman has escaped bondage after being kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and held captive in the basement of an Excelsior Springs, Missouri man’s home. The man has been identified as Timothy Haslett Jr., a white 39-year old male.

According to Kansas City Defender, the woman was discovered around 8 a.m. on Friday, October 7th, when she reportedly banged on doors and pleaded for help. She would soon be reached by the police.


According to the Clay County Prosecutor Probable Cause Statement, T.J. reported that “Timothy had kept her in a small room in the basement that he had built. He kept her restrained in handcuffs on her wrists and ankles.” In addition, Haslett “whipped her while she was restrained…there were injuries on her back that were consistent with this description.” Court documents further say, “she was able to get free when he left to take his child to school.”

The official court documents also read: “Upon the [police] officer’s arrival at the residence, they found T.J. She was wearing latex lingerie and had a metal collar around her neck with a padlock, and duct tape around her neck. T.J. advised that a man by the name of Timothy picked her up on Prospect in Kansas City at the beginning of September 2022.”

In mid-to-late September, The Kansas City Defender published a video of Bishop Tony Caldwell, a local Kansas City community leader who was one of many in the Black Kansas City community who made reports of numerous murdered and missing Black women.

From Dahmer in the 80s to Haslett, Jr. today, Police routinely ignore missing Black victims

The Kansas City Police Department made a statement addressing the community testimonies and called them “completely unfounded rumors,” dismissing all concerns of the missing Black women. As a result of their sweeping denial, media outlets reported it as fact when in actuality, more people continued to go missing all along.

Local and national news outlets unquestioningly parrot KCPD statement claiming reports of missing Black women and possible serial killer are “completely unfounded rumors.”
Photo composition via The Kansas City Defender.

Like Glenda Cleveland in the late eighties, she too was ignored and dismissed as her neighbor, Jeffrey Dahmer, continued to stealthily murder community members. Like Dahmer, the number of Haslett Jr.s’s victims would be less if police had intervened sooner.


Left to deal with survivor’s remorse, the escaped victim was forced to leave her friends, who she alleges were murdered in the basement.

According to Kansas City Defender, while the investigation remains early and more details will follow, there are now three major confirmed facts which clearly dispute KCPD’s earlier statements; (1) a Black woman was kidnapped, raped and tortured, (2) she was picked up on Prospect Avenue in early September (during the exact time-frame that community members began expressing concerns of numerous missing and murdered Black women in this exact area, (3) she said her friends “did not make it out” and were killed by Haslett Jr.

This story continues to develop. Find out more information at The Kansas City Defender and The Excelsior Citizen.

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