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Whether it’s being catfished or just being disappointed, society’s shift to the tech world hasn’t always impacted dating in a good way. Entrepreneur Dawn Cornelius is on a mission to change that with her connection platform, human, a dating app designed to help you find your best match.

Utilizing AI technology, human tracks peoples’ online and offline behavior to give singles or companies the intelligence needed to make that critical decision.

“People are making decisions about who they’re gonna spend their life with or whom they’re gonna hire or even whom they need to meet,” human CEO and founder Dawn Cornelius told The Black Wall Street Times.


With a background in marketing and media publishing, Cornelius has served in leadership roles across different industries. It wasn’t until a few years ago, while in Business School, Cornelius became aware of the power of artificial intelligence and how it could help in her own life.

After her marriage of eight years ended, Cornelius realized “it is hard to make authentic connections because there is this mismatch between who people portray themselves to be on dating apps versus who they actually are.”

“That’s a data problem,” she said.

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More than just a dating app, human uses data to tell the truth about a person

With human, Cornelius wants to enable users to receive a true glimpse of their potential partner or employee from the beginning of the virtual introduction.

Formed in May 2021, human is a patent-pending, AI-driven human connection platform that creates profiles for users based on multiple sources of data. The goal is to make matching easier, safer and more honest and transparent.

Though it’s currently in pilot stage as of March 2022, the platform already has over 14,000 users, and it’s growing by over 200% month over month, according to Cornelius. 


As a participant in Tulsa’s Techstars accelerator program, a Build in Tulsa initiative, CEO Dawn Cornelius said the program “has truly helped to accelerate our access” by providing networking opportunities with mentors and brilliant colleagues.

For Cornelius, the truth of who we actually are is “a collection of the things that we value, the things that we do, actual real behaviors.”

Looking at data of what a person watches or listens to, for instance, “gives us a really clear picture” of who we really are, she added.

Building on Black Wall Street

Cornelius said it’s inspiring to build her company under the shadow of Black Wall Street in the heart of Historic Greenwood District.

“To be here on these grounds, to just tap into this spirit, is everything. And it’s the kind of legacy that I want to leave as well,” Cornelius said.

Ultimately, the mission of human is to “change the future of how people find their person and to use AI to enable people to have these kind of meaningful connections, whether that’s for love, for work or for play.”

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