Corn Kid Partners With Green Giant This Thanksgiving Season
(Courtesy of Green Giant)
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The “Corn Kid”, who became an internet sensation this summer when he professed his love for corn, has partnered with Green Giant this Thanksgiving season.

Tariq aka “Corn Kid” has joined forces with Green Giant this Thanksgiving season to create delicious corn-filled dishes that are bound to be the star of the table.

Earlier this year, Tariq became an internet sensation when he innocently professed his love of corn, and the “Corn Kid” was born.

The corn kid is my favorite kid right now. Compiled these videos from #RecessTherapy‘s TikTok. Thought I would share some smiles.

“I hope you have a corntastic day!” ?#Cohn#ICantImagineAMoreBeautifulThing

— Suz (@TheOtherSH) September 4, 2022

The video quickly went viral, and so did the internet’s love for Tariq. The second grader had everybody talking about corn after he said “everything changed” once he started eating corn. The endorsement deals and collaborations also started rolling in.

(Courtesy of Green Giant)

Tariq was named South Dakota’s Official “Corn-bassador”,  appeared in Chipotle’s most-watched ad ever, and was even profiled by The New York Times.

Wait for it

— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) August 27, 2022

Now he’s partnered with one of the most recognizable brands in the canned vegetable industry and right before Thanksgiving, where corn is bound to be on many menus.

In addition to sharing two recipes, “Corn Kid’s” Corniest Mac ‘n’ Cheese and “Corn Kid’s” Corn Casserole, the collaboration will celebrate giving back this season. Green Giant’s donation of “90,000 cans of Green Giant veggies, including 50,000 cans of corn, is enough for more than 270,000 of Corn Kid’s fellow New Yorkers to enjoy a serving of veggies this holiday season.”

“What is Thanksgiving without corn?” Tariq exclaimed in a press release. “Thanksgiving is practically a holiday about corn. I mean, every day could be a holiday if you get to eat corn at some point – but this is the one day that we get to stay home with family, watch a big parade, and then eat corn. Lots and lots of corn. It’s my favorite day of the year!”

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