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During Monday morning’s Undisputed episode, a heated debate between sports commentators Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe ensued after “personal shots” were fired by Bayless.

While discussing Tom Brady’s meager performance in Sunday’s blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Sharpe and Bayless sparred as they usually do regarding the polarizing GOAT quarterback. Bayless, an arch and fanatical defender of Brady, questioned the credibility and football acumen of Sharpe, a three-time NFL champion and Hall of Fame member.

Even with his stellar and unquestioned dominance during his playing career, Bayless accused Sharpe of being jealous of Brady and dismissing Sharpe’s career in comparison to the 45-year-old QB.

The problem with media people like Skip is he can never admit when he’s gone too far. It’s okay to apologize and say you took it too far. It happens in this business. I did it with Tom Jones once locally. Took an unfair shot and apologized. We’re human.

— Aaron Jacobson (@JacobsonOnAir) December 12, 2022

Bayless has long agitated current and former athletes, assigning them disrespectful nicknames and discussing their talents with the bass in his voice of a former professional athlete.

Undisputed goes wild

Nevertheless, as ESPN’s Jalen Rose reminded Bayless years ago, he was never the athlete he judges so venomously in his professional capacity.

It’s hilarious when skip bayless brings up shannon sharpe career as a diss when he almost cried when jalen rose brought up his high school stats

— John (@iam_johnw) December 12, 2022

Shannon should’ve took a page out of Richard Sherman’s book when Skip started talking to him like that

— I have so many questions? (@english_shamar) December 12, 2022

When Chris almost put hands on Skip

— Sam (@Moorelife1) December 12, 2022

After Sharpe informed Bayless of his words’ impact, he doubled down, and refused to relent a single inch.

#Skip trended shortly after the exchange, as social media users pointed out the flagrant disrespect aimed at Sharpe by his on-air partner of over six years.

This Tom Brady segment on #Undisputed has got to be the most disrespectful I’ve ever seen Skip Bayless be towards Shannon Sharpe. He’s willing to discount a Hall of Famer’s entire career to stand in support of Brady. SMH.

— Brian Alexander (@TheBrianAlex) December 12, 2022

Shannon sharpe done worked wit skip for bout 6 years now and skip gon downplay what he accomplished and jeopardize they chemistry because he wants to ride for Tom Brady who barely even acknowledges him i can’t have no folks around me like that

— 99 (@passthechill) December 12, 2022

But Skip is how some of y’all sound on here. Man ain’t never played the game but knows more than the actual professionals of it…

— Minshew Is A Roc Nation Plant… (@What_Up_E) December 12, 2022

Mane Unc face said it all he want to flip the table on Skip. Unc also looking like “now I know why Stephen A Smith” was done with you in First Take ?

— Eric Terrell Doss (@DossLegacy89) December 12, 2022

While sports television is known to be riddled with cliches, predictions, and healthy debate, Bayless’s insistence on demonizing his partner in order to uplift a struggling Tom Brady came and went without any public acknowledgement of wrongdoing on the show or on his active Twitter profile.

Shannon Sharpe has not mentioned the verbal spat on his social media as well.

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  1. Skip has underline racial tone and is very obnoxiously asinine. Under his breathe or at Home he probably hates athletes that get paid a lot of money.

    1. Dude he was literally raised by an African American woman. Skip can certainly go to far and act like a child. But it obviously is not about race.

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