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When the clock struck midnight on Thursday and most of Tulsa was settling in for the night, Dr. View was heating things up with an album drop at Skyline Mansion.

View, the mastermind behind the Fire in Little Africa project, dropped his “Last Dragon” album, inspired by Berry Gordy’s movie by the same name.

For Dr. View, the album is a tribute to those around him who he feels are masters of their own craft.

Image for The Last Dragon album launch event, c/o Stevie Johnson (Dr. View)
Image for The Last Dragon album launch event, c/o Stevie Johnson (Dr. View)

“The part (of the movie) that I enjoy the most is actually the end when Leroy is saying ‘can you teach me some moves?'” View told the audience gathered at Skyline Mansion. “It showed me he was a master of his craft and he was still trying to learn from other people. Whether they knew they were masters or not, he was willing to learn and engage.”

“This is a testament to my favorite movie, to someone who helped me understand life, but also to this city,” he continued.

The eight tracks on Dr. View’s “The Last Dragon” all align with different scenes from the film. Each of them center a celebration of Blackness as a core theme.

As the lights dimmed and guests sipped on their signature “The Last Dragon” cocktails, beats started dropping over the speakers.

One by one, each song brought a different vibe, but a consistently high level of artistry.

By the time Dr. View’s third track, “FREAK”, hit the air, the vibe in the room became electric and club-like.

A blend of sounds from the 2020s and the 1980s pulsates through songs like “GOT the GLOW”, feat. Yung Qwan and “PURE AS COKE”, feat. Parris Chariz. At the same time, a mellow vibration threads together tracks like “STAR”, feat. Ayilla.

The Last Dragon album holds deep, personal meaning, says Dr. View

For Dr. View, creating the album was an opportunity to elevate some of his greatest and most formative memories.

“Our superpower is to remember,” View told the crowd. “To remember the memories that formed us.”

“This album speaks to my lived experience,” he said, “but also the lived experience of Blackness.”

True to the form of a lifelong learner, Dr. View is heading to Harvard at the end of January to serve as a Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellow. View will be a part of the 10th class of the school’s prestigious W.E.B. DuBois Research Institute Fellowship Program.

“I am the master, but also a lifelong learner,” View said as he reflected on the album. “I still have so much to learn.”

Dr. View’s ‘The Last Dragon’ album is now available on all Apple Music, Spotify and all streaming platforms.

Nate Morris moved to the Tulsa area in 2012 and has committed himself to helping build a more equitable and just future for everyone who calls the city home. As a teacher, advocate, community organizer...