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GREENWOOD Dist. — On Sunday, February 26th, Dreamwood will host its inaugural fundraising gala, “State of the Dream,” at the Tulsa Dream Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event will bring together business owners, creatives, leaders, and members of the Tulsa community to celebrate and support the city’s cultural ecosystem.

The program will include a buffet dinner, performances by local musical talent, and a keynote address from Rick Wade, the Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances for the US Chamber of Commerce.

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Key leaders in Tulsa like Renee McKenney, President of Tulsa Regional Tourism, AJ Johnson, owner of Oasis Fresh Markets, Kelsey Davis, founder of CLLCTVE, and Greg Robinson II, founder of Standpipe Hill Consulting, will be joining the stage to ignite meaningful conversations about their vision and dreams for the future of the city.

Special guests and Tulsa natives Steph Simon, Tea Rush and Natalie Lauren Sims will be featured creatives sharing their gifts through art in the program as well. 

“The State of the Dream is significant because it places the agency back into the hands of artists and creative entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the culture and developing an ecosystem and infrastructure that is collaborative, educational and transparent provides an opportunity for individuals to actively participate in the short term and long term vision for Tulsa arts and culture”, said Dr. Stevie Johnson, CEO of Dreamwood, and co-founder of Fire in Little Africa. 

Dreamwood Gala: a night for the culture

The gala is free for everyone and takes place in North Tulsa to ensure deeper accessibility for all. Through this event, Dreamwood aims to highlight the importance of community and culture as the driving force behind economic, social, and cultural opportunities in Tulsa.

The organization will also provide an overview of its programs and goals for the year, while encouraging the community to participate in activities that drive economic sustainability for the entire community.

“Collective knowledge production, policy development and the sharing of resources are critical for Tulsa to be the city that I know it can be. Everything is us but, more importantly and historically, everything is on us to make it happen. No one is going to save the artists but the artists and stakeholders who believe in the power of arts and culture,” Dr. Johnson said.

About Dreamwood

Dreamwood is an independent culture agency that produces international commerce and access for artists, creatives and community stakeholders through the industries of music, film, technology, education and restorative justice.

Through its non-profit Everything is Us (501c3), the agency focuses on empowering individuals through creative training and workforce development to generate consistent outcomes and opportunities for creatives, musicians, & dreamers in the city of Tulsa.

Along with speeches and performances, attendees of State of the Dream will be able to witness Dreamwood’s mission on film, further emphasizing the impact the organization has on the entrepreneurial community of Tulsa.

The goal of State of the Dream is to bring together 300 vision-aligned community members who support the culture in Tulsa. In celebration of Black History Month and in support of Black creators, philanthropic organizations, interested companies, and inspired individuals are encouraged to donate money towards Dreamwood’s community-driven non-profit, Everything is Us (501c3), to drive more resources towards the local cultural ecosystem here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The Dreamwood Gala takes place on February 26th, at 6 p.m., at the Tulsa Dream Center. RSVP for free here

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