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ST. LOUIS, Mo.The Blankslate Group, LLC., a leading provider of critical infrastructure and high-growth solutions designed to shape the future of work, business, and society, announced a strategic partnership with EcoMap Technologies, a TechStars-backed AI-powered ecosystem-building platform. The partnership will support growing relationships with regional champions, ecosystem builders, and experts in the technology, startup, and venture capital communities.

Together, the two companies will leverage their strengths and collaborate to deliver even greater value to their customers. Blankslate Group, LLC. has a breadth of experience in integrating human-centered design and security into products, services, and experiences that can scale, and EcoMap’s proprietary AI is able to centralize the discovery and engagement process for key stakeholders by identifying, categorizing, and navigating ecosystem assets.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Blankslate to make every ecosystem accessible to everyone,” said Sherrod Davis, Chief Operating Officer at EcoMap Technologies. 

“For far too long, certain communities have been locked out of opportunities to participate in entrepreneurship, technology, and other ecosystems. Our mission, at EcoMap, is to help change that by ensuring critical information is available to those who need it the most. And Kieran at Blankslate has built a career supporting and growing ecosystems all over the country which is why this collaboration made so much sense for both of us.”

Blankslate teams up with EcoMap to speed up innovative tech

“Blankslate is proud to partner with a progressive, mission-driven firm like EcoMap,” stated Kieran Blanks, Founder, and CEO of The Blankslate Group.

“Through our partnership, we are achieving significant milestones in our efforts to develop technology that facilitates information sharing between decision-makers and stakeholders, resulting in outcomes that are higher, scalable, and meaningful to our communities. By using Blankslate-EcoMap, our clients will be able to map resource availability and need, integrate supply chains of resources, and build more connected ecosystems to drive economic growth.”

The partnership between Blankslate and EcoMap, anchored by the Blankslate-EcoMap™ platform, seeks to digitalize and platform ecosystem development through modernized mapping and AI-enabled collaboration. It assists regional leaders and community organizations in establishing and managing ecosystem assets, including existing alliances, visibility into regional stability within industries and workforces, and critical infrastructure resources. By using artificial intelligence and partnerships to strengthen economic and community resilience, these efforts contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

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