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TikTok star Keith Lee hinted at an upcoming TV show that chronicles his food reviews that have gained him over 10 million followers.

Keith Lee is the viral TikTok food reviewer that has changed small business owners’ lives with one simple post over the last year. Lee has amassed over 10 million followers on his TikTok page with each of his videos getting millions of views. 

In a video shared to his Twitter Thursday night, Lee shared a clip from a video he made October 8, 2022, with the caption “reach for the stars and hit the moon.”

“It’s October 8, 2022. I don’t know when I’m gonna finish this video, but when I finish this video I’m gonna have a job at Vegas PBS. Like the PBS network,” Lee foreshadowed. “I don’t know what I’m gonna be doin’. I don’t know if we are gonna have our own TV show, if we gonna be producing a show, if we gonna be working with the writing. I don’t know what we gonna do but we gonna be doin’ something. And the second we get the job I’m gonna finish this video.”

Thursday night he finished the video.

Keith Lee serves up smiles on TikTok

Lee is known for his earnest takes, uncompromising values and life-changing impact on family-owned restaurants. While he didn’t set out to be an influential food reviewer, he doesn’t take this responsibility lightly.

Before Lee became TikTok’s biggest food reviewer, he was a mixed martial arts professional that had social anxiety and feared public speaking. He turned to TikTok in 2020, creating family vlogs and behind the scenes looks at his MMA career to practice speaking into a camera helping to overcome his social anxiety.

Fast forward two years, and Lee has over 10 million followers, partnered with “Good Morning America” to help a small business, appeared on YouTube’s “People vs Food”, and was honored as an “industry disruptor” on TikTok’s inaugural Visionary Voices list.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Lee told NBC News, quoting the famous line from the “Spider-Man” franchise. “As somebody who’s in this position, I think it’s up to me to understand that and not shy away from it.”

Earlier in 2023, Lee’s review of a small Las Vegas food truck called Southern Taste Seafood helped the business earn $30,000 in just 24 hours. Earlier this month, Lee’s review helped a Black-owned chocolate brand sell out in just 33 minutes!


#stitch with @cocoaasante Cocoa Asante taste test ? would you try it ? ? #foodcritic

? original sound – Keith Lee

The chocolate brand’s owner, Ella Livingston, made a post sharing the impact that Lee’s TikTok had on her business.

“Cocoa Asante is forever changed because we got so many orders. I can now afford to pay myself something so that I don’t have to work part-time to bring in income for my home. So Keith you have officially retired me from being a teacher,” said Livingston. 

Now it seems we may see Lee’s adventures go from the small screens of our phones to the big screens of the television.

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