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Like the sweet scent of lavender soap, there’s something refreshing and comforting about the idea of twice-impeached insurrectionist and white supremacist ex-President Donald Trump being arrested.

On Monday, the disgraced descendant of Nazi sympathizers arrived in New York to meet with lawyers ahead of an historic arraignment on Tuesday, the Guardian reported.

The fact that no other past president has faced accountability for genocide, racism and war crimes is a travesty all by itself. Seeing the cold steel of silver handcuffs wrap tightly around the orange, puffy-but-tiny hands of Donald Trump would be a small consolation prize in a country that continues to uphold separate and unequal justice, depending on race and class.

Ironically, a man who rose to fame on dominating other people, might be brought down by women who refused to remain silent. And no matter how hard he tries to weaponize his supporters against Alvin Bragg, the only prosecutor apparently brave enough to apply the law equally, it’s time for Trump to face the music.

Could Trump be placed in handcuffs?

Trump is the only past or present president to face criminal charges. He’s expected to surrender to authorities in Manhattan on Tuesday.

It’s doubtful that the brief hearing will result in the man formerly known as Donald Drumpf being placed in visible handcuffs. He’ll most likely return to his Florida enclave and use the moment to rally his base with another segregationist style campaign speech.

According to Trump’s senior advisor Jason Miller, Trump has raised over $7 million in the days following his public announcement of the indictment.

“The president views this a challenge he has to take on for the American people,” Miller told CNN in a text message.

Should we be surprised? Any shame Trump might’ve had flew out the window the day he called for the death penalty for five innocent Central Park boys over a crime they didn’t commit.

Meanwhile, six in 10 Americans support the indictment against Trump, according to a poll from CNN.

My expectations are simmered, however. I recognize that the criminal legal system is stacked in favor of a former president, however erratically undemocratic he may be. Honestly, I just want to see Trump in handcuffs. Is that too much to ask?

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