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A Las Vegas area Jewish student with autism had a swastika scratched into his back while at school his mother says.

A 17-year-old Jewish student with autism came home from school on March 9 with a swastika scratched into his back, his mother told Her son is a student at Clark High School in Las Vegas, and has a service dog and full-time helper to assist him due to him being non-verbal.

“My son is the only student I know of who wears a Kippah at the school,” she told, referring to the cap worn by Jewish men and boys. 

The mother said she emailed the school about what happened and then filed a report on March 13 with the Clark County School District Police. She also alleged that her son’s service dog’s equipment bag had been tampered with.

The FBI has said they are in contact with authorities in Las Vegas as the school does not allow video cameras in classrooms, locker rooms, or bathrooms according to the mother.

Clark County District Police conducted an investigation and found “no evidence that would indicate the origin of the injuries,” according to a statement made by the school.

The mother said she has pulled the 17-year-old from the school because of its “unsafe environment.”

Jolie Brislin, the regional director for Anti-Defamation League Nevada, condemned what she called a “violent, antisemitic act.”

“Not only was this student targeted for his identifiable faith, but he was particularly vulnerable due to his disability,” Brislin said in a statement. “This incident illustrates points of intersectionality in how hate can show itself across marginalized communities.”

The FBI has said they are ready to jump in the investigation at a moment’s notice saying “if during the local investigation, information comes to light of a potential federal civil rights violation, the FBI is prepared to investigate.”

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