You can’t claim to be the party of families while at the same time take groceries off the tables of American families.

And yet, that is exactly what the Republican Party is doing. While American families are struggling mightily right now, living paycheck to paycheck and grappling with skyrocketing inflation, the GOP is proposing huge cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at a time when we need it the most.

Over 40 million Americans rely on SNAP to feed their family. And yet, legislation introduced by Rep. Randy Johnson (R-SD) from South Dakota and signed on by at least 20 Republican supporters would make it harder for families to access the program by introducing new work and age restrictions.

Overall, about 10 million people would be at risk of losing their benefits under the proposed cuts- which would result in four million children having less food every month. 

For Republicans, the cost to feed millions of families through SNAP, approximately $115 billion, is just too high.

Meanwhile, these same people are also proposing changes to the proposed $842 billion Department of Defense budget. Because to Republicans that’s not ENOUGH money. This is the same agency that recently failed an audit and can’t account for more than half of its assets. 

Seems like just another example of how Republicans seem to value guns and ammo over the lives of our children.

According to an analysis done by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, households in every state would be affected by the Republican food for families cuts. The share of states’ SNAP recipients whose benefits would be at risk ranges from about 1 in 3 in Alaska, the Virgin Islands, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, to about 1 in 5 in Washington, Vermont, Idaho, and Rhode Island. 

The states with the highest percentage of SNAP participants were Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Oklahoma — the majority of whom are represented by the same folks trying to snatch their safety net away. Make it make sense.

With an economy that only seems to be working well for the ultra-rich, Republicans had an opportunity to show the American people that they can be the party for the working class. Millions of Americans who are struggling financially are looking for solutions no matter whether they come from an R or a D. 

It turns out the Republicans only plan was to talk a good game about being the party of families while snatching the milk and bread off our tables. They can’t really think we’re THAT stupid? 

Republicans that are banking on re-election in 2024 should think twice before supporting cuts to a program that is critical to survival. Meanwhile, Democrats are wise to hammer their opponents on threats to Social Security and Medicare cuts. Now they can add SNAP to the list. 

Imagine alienating seniors — as well as moms and dads — and thinking you can get elected. The good news is the Republicans who go home empty handed on Election Day can ride one of the Pentagon’s brand new tanks right out of Washington. Maybe they’ll even let you keep one of the golden toilets — if they can remember where they put them? 

Keri Rodrigues is Matthew, Miles and David’s mom and was elected President of the National Parents Union in 2020. Called “arguably the most successful parent organizer in education advocacy today,”...