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In anticipation of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Sanicle is collaborating with CF Industries and Metropolitan Baptist Church Tulsa to host a hybrid Black menstrual summit promoting menstrual health education for BIPOC and minority communities to end period stigma.

Studies have found that 1 out of 5 teens in the U.S. miss class because of lack of access to period products, and 23% of students have struggled to afford period products. Studies also revealed that a gap in knowledge still exists for men, as one in 10 men (14%) have never had a conversation with a woman about periods. Part of the study focused on misconceptions around menstruation, in which men were asked to record whether they believed a number of statements about menstruation to be true or not. 25% of men believe you have to remove a tampon to urinate, and 11% of men still believe that a woman can absolutely not get pregnant whilst on her period.

Black Menstrual Health Day Event

The International virtual experience kicks off on Friday, May 26, at 5 pm CST. The in-person event on Saturday, May 27, will start with a black carpet reception by 10:30 am CST and will be a safe space to share Black women’s experiences and Black Fathers with teenage daughters. The event is free for participation, while vendors showcase their innovations for free and include the family in light outdoor exercises. During the event, the Mom & Son Cooking Duo of Onifade Cookies will be leading a kitchen table conversation where they will showcase their period-themed dishes. The Black Carpet Reception and Summit in Tulsa will be streamed live on The Black Wall Street Times website. and CF Industries Partner to End Period Stigma Menstrual Hygiene Day

Why Sanicle advocates fiercely to End Period Stigma?

“At Sanicle, we believe a period should never stand in the way of a woman’s progress – a belief that started with the founding of Sanicle,” said Roxanne Stewart, Chief Executive Officer of Sanicle. “Our purpose is to offer a shame-free space to discuss menstruation and introduce self-care methods to have a better period cycle.” 

The theme for the Black Menstrual Health Day summit is “We are Committed: Understanding the Black Menstrual Health Crisis in Oklahoma”.

The hybrid summit will offer a national space for learning about these disparities, discussions, and mobilization to transform Black Menstrual Health, rights, and justice. The ongoing work to champion the progress of women, fight period stigmas through education, and promote greater access to menstrual hygiene products will bring together expert clinicians, service providers, wellness experts, and black professionals.

“The WASH United partnership for Menstrual Hygiene Day is an ongoing and impactful campaign that Sanicle teams with major stakeholders to provide a platform and body-safe period products to all attendees—women, girls, and gender-expansive humans from around the world in person in Tulsa and virtually to look forward to and rally behind amazing femtech products,” said Chaste Inegbedion, Chief Product Officer of Sanicle. 

Sanicle and CF Industries Partner to End Period Stigma Menstrual Hygiene Day

Building Menstrual Health Trust in the Black Community wants to rebuild trust between the Black community and menstrual health service providers and believes the best way to start will be to hold the Black Menstrual Summit so that Black women’s voices can be heard.

It’s why Constanzia Nizza, a social advocate with a passion for promoting education and connecting communities, and Merton Huff, a member of The Met Church, are hosting the first Black Menstrual Health Summit in Tulsa.

In-Person Summit Speakers

Speakers at the event include Nehemiah Frank of The Black Wall Street Times, Seyi Niyi-Adesola of AfroHealth, Kyle Smith of Builders+Backers, Representative Ajay Pittman of Oklahoma State Legislature, Marquess Dennis of Tulsa Dream Center, Joshua Bowers of Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce, Claudio Nascimento of CF Industries and Cordney D. McClain, MBA, STARR Foundation- Metro Technology Centers. 

Virtual Summit Speakers

The virtual component will include Hawa Diallo of United Nations, Dr. Delia Gillis of Eyeadom Travel Ghana, Pamm Takyiwaa of WH Ghana, Dr. Patricia Sandra Richardson of Landmark Healthcare, and Georgina Amoako of University of Ghana, hosted by Priscilla Siwela of Manevia Forum.

“As a woman with PCOS who has had multiple miscarriages, I am here to impact the maternal health that begins before the first trimester as holistically as possible,” Zaakirah Muhammad, Fractional CMO of Sanicle, said.

She believes the Black Menstrual Summit will bridge the gap between professionals such as obstetrics specialists, academics, and practitioners to empower Black Women and Fathers alike. Ms. Zaakirah aims to continue to highlight gaps in the system and disparities, reiterating the importance of Black women receiving healthcare that is respectful, culturally competent, safe, and of the highest quality.

“The FemTech market potential is huge,” said OluwaTosin Oni, Chief Technology Officer at Sanicle. “There’s an increasing appetite for technology and a realization that female consumer power has arrived in health care.”

Sanicle and CF Industries Partner to End Period Stigma Menstrual Hygiene Day stresses that it is not just the job of women to educate on the importance of menstrual hygiene and health, nor should women and girls be the only focus of educational efforts. Men and boys need equal education to ensure we’re creating a world in which people who menstruate aren’t stigmatized or treated any differently.

In commemoration of Menstrual Hygiene Day,, CF Industries, and Metropolitan Baptist Church Tulsa are partnering with WASH United and encouraging members, employees, partners, consumers, and customers to support vendor products available for purchase at the event to promote greater access to menstrual hygiene and health products and push back period taboos and stigma that’s available via digitally or in person at the event.

“By wearing the Menstruation Bracelet or posting the digital and social assets, everyone can show that periods are nothing to hide and help push back taboos and stigma, one bracelet at a time,” said Thorsten Kiefer, Co-Founder and CEO of WASH United. “It’s time to normalize menstruation and by doing so help millions of women and girls to reach their full potential.

Registration for Event

Register on Eventbrite and use the hashtags #SanicleBMHD #WeAreCommitted and tag @menstrualhygieneday?(Facebook, Instagram) and?@sanicle_us @mhday28may?(Twitter), to share your tweets, posts, and stories.

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