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Asuka is once again a champion as she defeated Bianca Belair to win the RAW Women’s Championship on Saturday at WWE Night Of Champions 2023 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Bianca Belair’s 420-day title reign now comes to an end.

In a WrestleMania 39 rematch, the doubly dominating and dazzling Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair showed no fear in the face of an increasingly sadistic version of a highly-credentialed Asuka.

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Since spoiling a homecoming celebration for Belair a.k.a The EST in her hometown Knoxville, Tennessee, Asuka a.k.a The Empress of Tomorrow has been on a warpath to get in the head — and apparently in the eyes of Belair.

Asuka said mist me with that

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After weeks of mist-filled mind games and brawls leading up to their title fight, both entered the squared circle in peak condition to throw down, however, it was Asuka who would keep a trick up her sleeve.

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During the match, as the WWE Official was trying to get Belair to back off from Asuka, The Empress of Tomorrow went for a mist attack, but The EST ducked out of the way. While on the apron, Asuka spit her devastating mist into her hand.

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Seconds later, Belair lifted Asuka for finishing K.O.D. attempt, but The Empress of Tomorrow dug her fingers into Belair, deceptively blinding The EST with the mist.

Asuka quickly followed with a swift kick to the head and pinned Belair to win the Raw Women’s Title, snapping Belair’s record-breaking reign.

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You can’t spell BEST without E.S.T.

Despite Saturday’s loss, The “EST Of WWE” remains the longest-reigning WWE RAW women’s Champion of the modern era, previously surpassing Becky Lynch.

Not only has Belair dominated the women’s division with her sheer power and in-ring innovation, but she’s inspired countless fans with her effortless grace and dignity on the mic.

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A woman of the people, in April, Belair invited The Divas of Compton to join her legendary entrance at Wrestlemania.

Though no longer champion, Belair has forever cemented her place in the hearts and minds of many who see themselves in the EST.

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