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Peanut butter and jelly. Strawberry and lemonade. Hot sauce and fried fish. Some things just go well together and for four decades, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been a delightful duo which entertained, educated, and excited audiences around the world.

Yet after being a staple in so many households throughout their dominant run, Sajak announced Monday that he’ll be spinning the wheel for the last time next year in a statement posted to Twitter.

Vanna White still can’t believe she’s made it through nearly 41 seasons of “Wheel of Fortune” with her co-host.

Sajak and White stand as two of the longest-serving hosts of any television program in the game show category

“When we started @WheelofFortune who could have imagined we’d still be at it 41 seasons later?” White wrote on her Twitter on Tuesday, adding “I couldn’t be happier to have shared the stage with you for all these years with one more to come.”

White concluded her tribute to Sajak by saying, “Cheers to you, @patsajak!” 

While there has been no indication of who may replace Sajak, Suzanne Prete, executive vice president of game shows at Sony Pictures Television – the studio that produces “Wheel” – told CNN in a statement that Sajak will “continue as a consultant on the show for three years following his last year hosting.”

Vanna White made no mention on Tuesday of what her future at “Wheel of Fortune” looks like

The star has turned the letters on the game board as contestants attempt to solve word puzzles on “Wheel” for over 7,000 episodes, providing banter with Sajak.

The self-aware Sajak once said, “On my game show recently, an African-American contestant mentioned that he could teach anyone to be a Hip-Hop singer. I leaned over to him and stage-whispered, “I’m sorry, but I’m hopelessly Caucasian.”

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