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Longtime sports broadcaster Ernie Johnson received news that he’ll be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Class of 2023 Hall of Fame.

Ernie Johnson is a well-known American sports broadcaster. He is best recognized for his work as a host and studio analyst on the television network TNT, particularly for his role in the NBA coverage. Ernie Johnson has been a prominent figure in sports media, known for his professionalism, wit, and insightful commentary.

Coworker and friend of Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley was given the honors to tell Ernie during the Thursday night coverage of “The Match” and called it an “honor and privilege”

After hearing the news, Johnson said “Get out of here. Chuckster, what are you talking about? This is awesome. Thank you so much… I am humbled beyond words. Thank you so much, it means the world to me.”

A long and accomplished career for Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson is no stranger to broadcasting. Johnson worked for Warner Bros. Discovery Sports for 34 years and has worked in broadcasting for over four decades. He’s hosted Inside the NBA on TNT since 1990.

During this time, Ernie has been known as a fan favorite as a broadcaster, so when the news broke, fans around the world rejoiced. Ernie is known to be a sweetheart to everyone that comes in contact with him.

Known for his insightful analysis, professionalism, and genuine kindness, Ernie has become a beloved figure in sports broadcasting.

The joy and appreciation expressed by fans worldwide reflect the significant impact he has made throughout his decades-long tenure at TNT and as the host of Inside the NBA. The honor solidifies Ernie Johnson’s legacy as an esteemed and respected contributor to the field of sports media.

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