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Rising lightweight contender Shakur Stevenson turned down the offer to fight undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney due to the proposed purse split. The offer suggested a split of 75/25, which Shakur deemed insufficient.

“I don’t think I’m the A-side; I just know my worth, and 25 percent ain’t it,” said Stevenson on Twitter.

“I didn’t turn the fight down either that was supposedly the first offer, and I haven’t heard nun else since,” said Stevenson.

Since defeating Vasyl Lomachenko for the undisputed lightweight titles, Devin Haney has faced significant criticism, particularly from Shakur Stevenson. “Lomachenko should be the undisputed champion,” stated Shakur. “He won. He won that fight.”

“He landed cleaner punches, more precise shots on Dev. He pushed the pace… Let’s make it happen. I think that should happen next. I think Devin’s not on my level, and I’ma show it.”

Considering this, Lomachenko remains the top-ranked contender for the belts and could deserve another shot at them, as most spectators believe he won the fight against Haney. If Haney chooses to, he could pursue other fights, such as his attempt with Shakur, or even face Gervonta Davis.

With these intriguing possibilities, the future of the lightweight division promises thrilling and competitive fights that will captivate pugilist fans for years to come.

Tanner Frank is a 2023 summer intern for The Black Wall Street Times and a Tulsa, Oklahoma, native and a graduate of Booker T. Washington High Schoo. Tanner will be attending the University of Arkansas...