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Krystle Price is a fitness trainer and nutritional coach based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Krystle spoke with The Black Wall Street Times about the benefits of exercise, the best workout music, Black representation in fitness, and more.

“Years ago, I was kind of consistently inconsistent with going to the gym but then I fell in love with this class called Body Pump,” Krystle stated.

After running a 5K and encouraged by friends and family to pursue a career in fitness full-time, Krystle says she soon became invested in learning and practicing her newfound craft.

“I always preach about falling in love with what you’re doing rather than the destination, love the journey.”

She continued, “people fall in love with the results before they fall in love with the process.”

Asked about how she manages expectations for her clientele, Krystle mentioned, “I think you have to just be patient. Try to make sure you’re fit for the right reasons and for the long haul. You don’t want to get in shape just to fit in a size four, do it to become healthier.”

She added, “You just have to keep doing it and allow your body to really embrace the art of movement.”

Understanding movement doesn’t come naturally to everyone, Krystle says she applauds anyone who takes the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Photo Courtesy: Fitness Fabulous.

“Even if you’ve hired a trainer, you still did it by yourself because you contracted the trainer. You did that. Set a goal and once you’ve reached it, things will only get better and better.”

“Exercise so beneficial for your mental and emotional health and makes you feel empowered.” Krystle continued, “I do find that movement is a privilege.”

Photo Courtesy: Fitness Fabulous

Commenting on the natural born brilliance of Black athletes, Krystle said, “We are the top athletes in every sport. If I listed five random sports, the top person that comes would be Black.”

Krystle wants the world of fitness to reflect the culture who produces the most acclaimed athletes. “I think taking up space in this industry is so important for Black women.” She elaborated, “We need that space for Black people in general because we don’t want to keep furthering that narrative of where ‘I’m less equipped or less enthused’ when it comes to the world of health and fitness.”

Photo Courtesy: Fitness Fabulous

Though a committed workout junkie, Krystle admits running is not and has never been her thing, “I only run if it’s from my problems.”

In honor of the 50th historic year of hip-hop, Krystle named her top five artists to get a good workout to in no particular order.

Krystle’s Top 5: Jeezy, Drake, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj

Though a staunch opponent of the damage running can do to joints, Krystle says “All There” and “EnTRAPreneur” by Jeezy are the only songs you’ll catch her sprinting and bopping to outside.

Krystle explained Drake’s music is best for a steady vibe. “His music is so easy going and it goes great with my core exercises, also he’s got great versatility.”

Krystle expressed how awe-inspiring Mrs. Carter’s historic Renaissance World Tour has been to witness. “I love Beyoncé. I watch her like, ‘wow, look at how she’s moving.’ If she can do that being older than me with kids for three straight hours, I get through the Stair-master.”

A fan of Mr. Carter as well, Krystle says, “Jay-Z has an ability to tell a narrative that I don’t usually find in other songs. Most rappers just talk or they say something over and over again.” She furthered, “Sure, it’s catchy but they just keep repeating the same thing. Jay Z, J. Cole, Fabolous, they can all tell a narrative story from beginning to end and I love that. I have an imagination, I like to picture when I’m listening to.”

Commenting on Nicki Minaj, “If I’m struggling through a workout and she comes on, there’s so much energy that keeps you on your toes and I need to be on my toes.”

You can learn about FitnessFabulous and connect with Krystle for updates, consultations and in-person workouts on Instagram.

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