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Tulsa Remote is offering remote workers a chance to give the city a try.

From October 15-20th, “Try Out Tulsa” will let professionals from around the country experience a week of co-working in T-Town. The event promises to be a “week-long remote work gathering to experience the best of remote work” and the city.

“Whether you are coming with your team or solo -it is a unique opportunity to work remotely from Tulsa.”

As a part of the experience, attendees will receive a week of free access to the 36 Degrees North workspace. Participants will be able to join for select Tulsa Remote events and receive tickets to the city’s renown Oktoberfest.

Registration for the event costs $30. In addition to Oktoberfest tickets, participants will have access to multiple dinners, mixers, workshops and activities throughout the week.

While participants will have to cover their own transportation costs, they will receive discounted rates on local lodging.

Try Out Tulsa gives attendees a taste of the larger, flagship Tulsa Remote program

The event serves as an entry point into Tulsa Remote’s flagship remote worker program. Participants are not guaranteed admission to Tulsa Remote, but will have the chance to experience what it could be like to live and work remotely from the burgeoning Midwest city.

Launched before the COVID-19 pandemic, Tulsa Remote re-shaped remote working incentives across the county. The program offers participants $10,000 to move to the city for one year. In addition, workers have free access to co-working space, access to numerous free events and multiple opportunities to deeply engrain themselves into the community.

Tulsa Remote has already attracted thousands of individuals from across the country to the city. This includes numerous Black entrepreneurs who have come to the city to be a part of the history and living legacy of Greenwood.

With this new one-week trial opportunity, it undoubtedly hopes to bring in many more dedicated and committed individuals to Tulsa.

Space for Try Out Tulsa is limited, and registration is open until September 25th.

Nate Morris moved to the Tulsa area in 2012 and has committed himself to helping build a more equitable and just future for everyone who calls the city home. As a teacher, advocate, community organizer...

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