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Grammy-nominated gospel artist Bobbi Storm recently found herself in a tense situation aboard a Delta Air Lines flight when she chose to disregard a flight attendant’s repeated requests to refrain from singing on the plane.

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Storm, a member of Maverick City Music, received the news of the group’s nomination for two Grammy Awards and seized the opportunity to inform fellow passengers about the nominations, also taking the chance to promote her song “We Can’t Forget Him.”

Maverick City Music recently received nominations in two categories at the 2024 Grammy Awards

The nominations include: Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song and Best Gospel Album for their work on “The Maverick Way.”

A video capturing the incident reveals Bobbi Storm expressing her desire to sing for fellow passengers. However, not all were receptive, as the flight leader intervened, instructing her to stop singing. The flight attendant explicitly warned Storm that failure to comply with instructions would result in her removal from the flight.

In a TikTok video documenting the encounter, the flight attendant approached Storm while she was singing.

“Are you going to be quiet?” Storm responded, “They are enjoying it,” referring to her fellow passengers.

The flight attendant curtly interrupted Storm, insisting, “I’m not enjoying it, so I’m asking you, can you be quiet? It’s a yes or no answer.”

Bobbi Storm complied but online debate continues one week later

Storm inquired about the consequences of refusing to comply, prompting the flight attendant to explain that failure to follow instructions would lead to her removal from the plane.

Choosing to comply, Storm stated, “If you’re the person in charge of it all, then that’s fine.”

Opinions on the appropriateness of Storm’s singing on the plane, as well as the flight leader’s handling of the situation, are varied.

Some video commenters supported the flight leader’s actions, criticizing Storm’s flight etiquette.

Bobbie Storm
Bobbi Storm attends the 3rd Annual Influence Awards at City Hall on June 11, 2018 in New York City. Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Some fans of Maverick City Music expressed shock at the flight attendant’s scolding demeanor. Others voiced a desire to have been seated near Storm to enjoy her singing.

In a subsequent update, Bobbi Storm revealed that Delta Airlines’ executive offices reached out to her to apologize.

In a video statement, she emphasized that she does not seek punitive measures against the flight attendant and hopes he reflects on how his words and actions can impact others. “I hope that if he watches this, he is able to learn a valuable lesson on how to treat other people,” she added.

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  1. What debate? People don’t even want to hear music they didn’t choose coming out of someone else’s earbuds, but she thinks an entire plane of people was just tickled pink to let her indulge her ego? The flight attendant did his job and did it well.
    And, point of fact, she didn’t comply – she just sang quietly enough that he couldn’t hear her and continued to bother everyone in earshot, plugging her music that literally not a single person asked for the details of.

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