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Baxter Takes Knee in Defiance as Sheriff Regalado Declines Offer

Richard Zobon Baxter challenged Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado to a friendly boxing match. Regalado declined challenge and to all appearances blocked Baxter from interviewing clients as a Bail Disruptor for The Bail Project. Vic Regalado employed Betty Shelby, the officer who killed unarmed Black man Terence Crutcher, to teach a class on how to survive. 


Mayor’s mass grave investigation|Tulsans seeks transparency

Last month, a reporter from the Washington Post traveled to Tulsa in search of the truth about life in the historic Greenwood District before, during, and after the Black Wall Street Massacre. DeNeen Brown, a resident of Washington D.C., stayed in Tulsa for a few days to talk and visit with Tulsans to see just what makes T-Town tick. Ms. Brown returned to the nation’s capital with her discoveries and stories of the victim’s descendants who had lost lives and property during that monstrous and human-made disaster. The internationally recognized publication has provoked thoughts and discussions, both genuine and evil-natured, among Tulsans surrounding those hidden pages in Tulsa’s darkest chapter of American history.