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Witnessing ‘White Fragility’ while Renaming a School

Robin DeAngelo’s theory on white fragility may be worth an intense examination when you take into account, it took Tulsa a year to rename one school that initially honored a Confederate soldier.


B[l]ack on Independence Day in High School

To be frank, it was the first reality check I received as student color, and the first time I’d be academically disfranchised. Moreover, for fear of being reprimanded and having my participation grade tampered, I dug deep; I seemingly tried burying my emotions, and so, I smiled. I pretended to be proud. I danced with cognitive dissonance. After all, I was still an American; right? But beneath my surface, bewilderment drowned my virgin spirit.

Greenwood Leadership Academy, a Future of Hope

Without partnership schools like Greenwood Leadership Academy, some African American students could end up back in low performing schools that surround Greenwood Leadership Academy. These students, especially African American students, have a higher probability of landing on the infamous school-to-prison pipeline at a lower performing school. Oklahoma currently ranks at the top in the nation for incarceration.

Packed Oklahoma Gubernatorial Race Fueled by Political Turmoil of Teacher Walkouts, Diverging Views on Education Priorities

Oklahoma’s election year is bursting at the seams with contenders, with 794 candidates filing for public office in April, more than two dozen of whom are teachers. The candidate pool is the largest in at least 20 years.

That massive group races toward a June 26 primary, and the state’s top seat is up for grabs. In the hotly contested gubernatorial election, a runoff election is expected in August on the crowded Republican side, until one candidate receives at least 50 percent of the vote.