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Beyoncé shut down the world today and we’re all grateful.

Today, Queen Bey, rightful heir to the iron throne, drops her Netflix film ‘Homecoming’ to chronicle her unapologetically-Black Coachella performance last year.



In the middle of what appeared to be a public display of a mental breakdown on national television, the artist, R. Kelly, jumped up and down, agitatedly shouted at the top of his lungs, and pounded his chest in full aggravation.

Theatre North presents “The Green Book”

“The Green Book” by Calvin A. Ramsey is a play about a time when many African-Americans were traveling by car and had the freedom of mobility for the first time, and they were eager to go out on the road. However, segregation brought hidden dangers, and vulnerable Blacks had to maneuver to find safety in accommodations, leisure activities, restaurants, service establishments and anything that they would need during their travels.

Tia Fuller Show

Saxophonist and composer Tia Fuller, a strong and versatile post-bop musician who recently released her fifth album as a leader, will front a quartet at Duet Jazz. Per JazzTimes, she’s a player who “wields a silvery tone and is prone to serpentine improvisations that zig, zag, jab, and sour with brisk fluidity.”