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The Black Wall Street Times proudly endorses Tim Gilpin for US Congress, District 1.

Throughout his campaign, Tim had been relentless in listening to and leaning on the expertise of the North Tulsa community. He has not taken their vote for granted and has pushed aside a long-standing narrative that the north side of town is unimportant in his strategy to flip a deep red seat.


Senator Matthews Still on Ballot for Dist. 1 County Commissioner

“The well being of the entire community, the City, the County, and the State, rest on the choices we have in who holds the future at every level of Government.  If we don’t have options at the polls on November 6, the future of our children, our opportunity to be represented and have our voices heard, rest on every person getting out to vote and the choices we have. We cannot give this election away, at any level.  That is why I have to push forward and make sure that we have a strong voice for change. We cannot give this election or our future away without a fight. It is essential that every eligible person make an all-out effort to vote in this election.”