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A Lecture from Tulsa’s City Council

Anna America spoke up for herself and colleagues who were called racist. A lecture began on the severity of Nazis and Klansman. Citizens were told that when things don’t go our way that we assume the worse and call others racist. That was the most belittling thing I have ever heard them say.  The citizens that spoke were intelligent, provoked thought and explained their grievances appropriately.

Dear Tulsa City Councilors | On Moratorium

Councilor Phil Lakin, Jr., when you say in a public city council meeting, that as an economist you simply cannot, will not, ever support a moratorium… I ask you, could you support one as a father? What about as a neighbor? A Christian? A human? Could you support one as a person who believes in equality, love, and empathy? You are in a position of power. You can affect change for the people in your community and district one IS your community.