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Baxter turned himself into David L. Moss amid possible charges

Richard Z. Baxter turned himself into the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center just before 1:30 PM today but has already posted bail and faces possible charges for intimidating a witness due to client’s actions.

No Rest For The Weary

With ‘race’ being an inescapable factor in the conversation of justice in America, it is irresponsible to omit the racial demographics of those incarcerated. On the Department of Corrections website, there is no place where you can see the total numbers of incarcerated individuals by their race, despite this information being available on each individual’s profile, along with height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

No Justice, No Peace

Oppressed people sit under the confines of an oppressor stewing in the lack; the lack of good food, the lack of good education, the lack of good health care but most importantly the lack of opportunity to create the lives where they could live without lack.