Greenwood (North Tulsa)

Rogers County Sheriff Publicly Gives Opinion Before Trial: Institutional Racism at Work, We Want to Hear From You

A member of a highly recognized law enforcement institution, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton publicly offered his opinion before a high-profile criminal trial.  Betty Shelby’s trial for the shooting of Terence Crutcher is scheduled to start Monday, May 8, 2017. Was Walton’s mission to sway the public to favor Shelby?

“Racial bias” wasn’t mentioned once in Sheriff Walton’s statement of opinion, which was printed on Rogers Countr Sheriff’s letterhead. Does Sheriff Walton’s publicly stated opinion highlight the mechanisms of institutional racism?

Is he one of the many individuals, working in police departments across the country, ignoring the very real problem of racial bias in law enforcement?

Read what is stated and not stated in the letter, form your own opinion, and leave a comment.

(Don’t forget to share; conversations like these are important for our community’s growth.)

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