Her Institutions Saved Her – Betty Shelby

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Opinion| Nehemiah Frank
Managing Editor | Liz Frank

Anyone who attended the trial could easily see that evidence was tampered with; photos with missing and/or moved items render much of the evidence questionable after detectives and police had conflicting testimonies.

Shelby’s defense team claims sthat he’s remorseful for taking a man’s life; nevertheless, she and her defense team demonized and maliciously transformed a victim into a criminal.

One of her attorneys, Shannon McMurray, used a screenshot from the helicopter video to make it seem as if Terence Crutcher had placed his hand in the SUV in search for a weapon. McMurray stated that Crutcher could have used his vehicle, or a small screwdriver that was found in the back of his vehicle as weapons.

McMurray used the screenshot knowing it had a five-second delay to try to justify Shelby’s actions which led to Crutcher’s death.

The DA showed that Crutcher’s hands were up when he received a bullet and taser shot to his right side. The screenshot showed him slowly dropping to his death whereby his left arm fell into the vehicle.

Shelby’s institutions came to her defense – the Tulsa Police Department, the State of Oklahoma, and Fraternal Order of Police – all powerful majority-white institutions.

But the narrative continues… his hands were up!



Humiliation – a photo from “Reconciliation Park” in Tulsa, Okla.


1921 Tulsa Massacre

Black detainees are led to the Convention Hall following a race riot in Tulsa, Okla, June 1, 1921. The National Guard rounded up blacks by the thousands and took them to the fairgrounds, the Convention Hall and a baseball stadium where they were given food and water. By day's end, many thriving black businesses in a 35-block area had been torched.

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How Betty Shelby Got Away With Murder: White Privilege – Part 1 – The Black Wall St. Times May 21, 2017 - 12:23 pm

[…] Crutcher. Institutions that have historically supported bigoted and racist policies in Tulsa automatically and forcefully came to her defense because she was one of their own and Crutcher was the feared […]

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