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“The development of the Evans Fintube site in the Historic Greenwood District represents the opportunity to grow and develop a district with progressive ideas. BMX is a sport that our youth, specifically the 25 and under demographic, and is increasingly becoming popular with African American youth.

Famous African American BMX riders such as Nigel Sylvester, Day Smith, and Shan Butler are making an impact in many African American communities. 

BMX Star – Niger Sylvester

Speaking from a health perspective, this endeavor represents an opportunity to promote health and wellness at a high level in my community that experiences health disparities, including a lack of healthy food options and sedentary lifestyle choices.

From the economic development perspective, a partnership with the City of Tulsa represents the opportunity to perform the much-needed remediation of the site in preparation for development.

A company such as BMX would also create an opportunity for our community to benefit financially from tourism traffic that would not otherwise have a reason to visit Black Wall Street.

In the past, I know that my community has a lack of trust with The City of Tulsa due to past deceitful business dealings with developers and the such.

I understand that many are skeptical of this development and rightfully so based on past experiences. Understanding that, it is duly noted and at the forefront of my agenda that the significance of the Historic Greenwood District CANNOT and WILL NOT be understated by any means.

I will work with the City of Tulsa economic development department and BMX to ENSURE that there WILL BE job opportunities for citizens in my community and opportunities for local small black-owned businesses to develop at this site to capitalize on this unique opportunity in the spirit of the Historic Black Wall Street.

Greenwood is held close to my heart and therefore, I will make every attempt to be imbedded within this process from the beginning to the end and provide my community with transparency and carry out accountability to ensure a prosperous Black Wall Street District.”

City Councilor for District 1 – Vanessa Hall-Harper

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