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Shay White Dis. 77

The Black Wall St. Times asked members of Shay Whites community why they were supporting her for House Representative.

The Black Wall St. Times: Why are you supporting Shay White for District 77?


Jacqueline Dutton: “First and foremost, she’s a woman; she’s a woman of color. Not enough representation in our state – let alone in our city. She’s a go-getter. She’s unencumbered. She’s not attached to the dynamics of a [political] family [(i.e. Kennedy’s or Clinton’s)], and She’s devoted herself one-hundred percent – one-hundred fifty percent to her community. And we are her community here. And she’s not just another white man running for office. Because she’s so involved with the community, I was sold on helping her get elected.”


Maggie Turner: “I am campaigning for Shay White, and I’ll doing anything I can to help her. In the three years that I have known her, I have seen her time and time again volunteer her own time – come from spending all day counseling little children who are troubled and the parents and the teachers and all of that to going to volunteer with whatever public policy issue she could help with. Especially, with these important matters such as the state budget. Whether it’s going down to the capitol or volunteering to host an event to educate constituency, She has already been extremely active in the things we already need in leaders. She’s extremely knowledgeable about these issues. I’ve seen her give presentations where she knows the facts and when so many of our legislatures up at the capital don’t even know how their job works. I’m not trying to speak ill of them. Honestly, it is not easy for them to find out, but Shey already knows how the system works. She cares enough to figure it out and to make good friends. I’ve seen her make friends on both sides of the isle people want to talk to Shay. Senator James Lankford spoke to Shay. Naturally, she makes friends with people because she’s funny, she kind, and she’s so smart. I’m just super excited about Shay there at the state legislature.”

Tulsa Democratic Headquarters 

Who Is Shay White? 

Shay White’s entire story is one of resilience. At a young age, she recognized that a life of poverty was no fun, and opportunities to positively impact change are few and far between. She grew up in Louisiana and is the first in her family to graduate high school. Shay earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Oral Roberts University and went on to achieve a Masters from the University of Oklahoma, also in Social Work.

Shay chose Oklahoma as her home where she started her career and currently serves as a licensed mental health provider for elementary aged children in public schools. Through her studies, volunteer work, and community involvement she has become passionate about issues affecting the lives of Oklahoma families.

Building on a diversified background of Social Work in both community and clinical practice, Shay is a champion of advocacy, civic engagement and grassroots organizing. She has the courage to speak up and help others by addressing key issues. Shay continues to be a role model for others because of representation matters. She is very active and involved in the Tulsa community by lending her time, support, and skills to various organizations and social causes. She understands the importance of access to quality healthcare, education, and core services being central to the success of all healthy, thriving, and flourishing communities in Oklahoma. Shay is running for State House 77 because it is the right thing to do.

Support more diversity in the Oklahoma legislature by supporting Shay White today!!!

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