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Report by Darnell J. Cherry

Have you heard of the North Tulsa Economic Development (NTEDI) Initiative group? Are they elected officials in which the constituents of North Tulsa voted in to represent the voice of the community? It appears the answer is no.

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, the NTEDI Board of Directors wrote a letter (we’ve provide the full letter below for your on personal interpretation and for more transparency for our community) to the City Council of Tulsa stating their opposition to a moratorium in North Tulsa proposed to prevent the development of yet another dollar store in North Tulsa. (see Orisabiyi Williams Dollar Store Discounts North Tulsans’ Health)

“NTEDi members have worked the past nine years to design and support revitalization plans for the North Tulsa community.” – NTEDI Board of Directors

The Black Wall St. Times conducted a basic Google search of initiatives and developments that NTEDi passed and couldn’t find any.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 6.11.06 AM

We also looked at NTEDI’s website and found five members. Although the membership section of their website appears out of date, we have reached out to the non-profit and are awaiting confirmation on an update on its member’s number.

In the letter the NTEDI purports they

“have worked for the past nine years to design and support revitalization plans for the North Tulsa community,” – NTEDI Board of Directors

but what has the NTEDI done in these passed nine years that have improved the conditions for citizens living in Greenwood/North Tulsa?

They plan to

“continue to promote, support and pursue initiative around Business/Retail/Development, Education, Workforce, Housing and Marketing; as [they] continue to support Vision Tulsa.” – NTEDI Board of Directors

  • The Black Wall St. Times believes the citizens of Greenwood or District One deserve the following questions to NTEDi Board of Directors, what has the NTEDi accomplished in the following categories in the past 9 yrs?
  • What new businesses has developed with the help or by the hand of NTEDi and how has it benefited the community?
  • What new development sites have they erected and how does it benefit the citizens of North Tulsa?
  • With the states budget crisis, what alternatives do they seek to use to help change the landscape of public education in North Tulsa, and what have they accomplished since their establishment for public education?

The last we checked many African American citizens and citizens residing in North Tulsa have been moving to charter schools and community schools because little has changed in the public sector of education – although things are looking better under this new administration.

  • What have they done to bring jobs or improve North Tulsa’s workforce?

How does bringing the eighteenth dollar store to North Tulsa close the 12.3-year life expectancy gap between citizens living in North and South Tulsa?

Family Dollar Stores


Dollar General Stores


“It is important that the City Councilor establish the proper atmosphere to demonstrate the City concern about building brighter futures for the North Tulsa community.” – NTEDI Board of Directors

Again, the NTEDI is supporting the building of an eighteenth dollar store in North Tulsa, whereby North Tulsa would have more dollars stores than many of the other districts combined.

Below is the letter submitted to the city council on behalf of this organization whose number of members are unknown and until they reveal their number of members  The Black Wall St. Times will assume the that NTEDI does not represent the views of the majority of North Tulsans’.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.57.36 AM
Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.57.44 AM.png

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