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Opinion | Orisabiyi Williams
Managing Editor | Liz Frank

Have you ever lost a job, a friend, a relationship, an opportunity, a car, or even a home? These can be some of the most devastating times in life. We often feel rejected, which is one of the worst pains.


But it’s important to know that we are never rejected, but rather we have been re-directed. This starts with not just “believing,” but “KNOWING” that there is something better for you in life. The Universe is making a way for you. Some “goodbyes” in life are good.

All experiences, good and bad, in our lives carry a lesson. If you ignore the lessons in the bad experiences, then they have a way of repeating until you learn the lesson. But once you learn the lesson, then you move to the “next level.” I like to call it, “Leveling Up.”

I firmly believe that we create our own reality through our thoughts, words, and behavior.

So if you have lost your job, a friend, a relationship, an opportunity, a car, or even your home, say, “thank you,” re-calibrate, grab your blessings, and Level Up.

Be love and love better!

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