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Opinion | Orisabiyi Williams
Managing Editor | Liz Frank

When you are doing good and increasing your public presence you will always have “haters.”  People are ready and willing to buy lies about you, giving them a license to hate you or hate on you, wanting others to see you in a negative light.


They will attack everything about you, even going below the belt. Yes, it gets frustrating, and it makes you angry, but love them anyway.

When people hate on you or there’s something about you that they just “can’t stand,” it really says more about them than you. Haters see something in you that they can’t bring themselves to be.

As you walk in your purpose, people who haven’t found their purpose become frustrated and lash out. The haters pretend they have everything together, strutting and stunting like a peacock, but peacocks don’t fly.

These people are so low within their own spirit because of a deprivation of love. So let’s stop calling them “haters” and start calling them what they are: “frustrated followers.”

Yes – frustrated followers! They watch everything you do and say, lying in wait for attack. The attack will come, regardless of what you do or say because misery loves company.

Don’t give them permission to dampen your spirits. Pray for them, and keep doing you. My mother always says, “The higher the monkey climbs up the tree the more they will talk about it’s ass.” Meaning, the higher you climb the more people have a view of and the opportunity to discuss your rear.

But you just keep moving.

Be love and love better!

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