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Report by BWST Staff

Sapulpa, Okla. — On Friday, October 20, 2017, 17-year-old Christin was assaulted by two adult males and then aggressively arrested by a Creek County sheriff officer.

In the video, you can visibly see one middle-aged white male with the minor in a chokehold as the other restrains the teenager’s legs, followed by a police officer arriving on the scene and arresting the young man with extremely excessive force.

Back Ground Information:

Christin arrived at a towing yard to pay a fee to collect his things from his wrecked vehicle. When he provided the owner of A & W Towing the title to the vehicle the owner informed Christin that he couldn’t collect his items because his name wasn’t on the title. The name on the title was Christin’s father, Michael Heath.

The owner of A & W even spoke to Christin’s father over the phone and still refusing Christin to collect his belongs. Christin then requested the title back from the owner so he and his friend could leave. The owner refused and even made a copy of the title without Christin’s permission.

The owner asked for his license; he refused.

Christin repeatedly asked the owner to return the title. The owner requested the licenses again. Since Christin wouldn’t hand over the license, the owner turned and began walking back to the shop’s office. Christin grabbed the title of the vehicle from the owner’s hand, and that’s when the physical altercation began.

The adult male placed his hands on Christin’s head and tackled Christin to the ground trying to grab the title. When Christin tried to stand up, a friend of the owner’s placed Christin in a headlock.

Christin stated “They tackled me over a huge oil tank & continued to choke me out until I collapsed. As we were wrestling, the owner, Paul said: “get off me nigger.”

Christin told his friend to record the incident and to call the cops. Even after Christin was on the ground, the two adult males continued trying to take the title from Christin.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they immediately arrest Christin without question!


Christin asked his friend to call the police for help. A law-enforcement officer arrives on the scene and immediately arrest Christin.

The sheriff could have asked the owner of A & W Towing to let Christin go, but the video reveals another tacted used by the Creek County Sheriffs department.

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