Community Policing Does Not Fall Squarely on the Shoulders of Officers of Color

by The Black Wall Street Times
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Aware Tulsa’s Statment at Press Conference and Protest 

“Aware Tulsa is holding space here today because the calls for change from folks of color in Tulsa are being met with soft diplomacy at best and begrudging change at worst.

The repeated calls for Justice by those most affected by police brutality have continued to go unheard and have been mocked and muted. 

While we acknowledge that there has been an attempt by Mayor GT Bynum to start implementing community policing, these efforts have failed in both authenticity and timeliness. 

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Make no mistake, community policing does not fall squarely on the shoulders of officers of color.

Just as the work of dismantling racism and white supremacy needs to be done by those perpetuating harm, so too, changing the culture of police violence that has long meant suffering for people of color is the responsibility of the Tulsa Police Department and the Chief of Police.  

It is the job and responsibilities of Chief Chuck Jordan to confront head-on in inequity, injustice, and racist policing practices that are now long-held patterns within the Tulsa Police Department. 

As Chief Chuck Jordan has continued to lack discernment, good judgment, or acknowledgment of a culture of violence of which he is the leader.

We call for the immediate removal of Chief Chuck Jordan from his post. Understanding the power to dismiss Chief Chuck Jordan lies solely in your hands Mayor Bynum, we call upon you urgently to take action. 

For those in attendance today, showing up for protests and rallies is not merely enough. The time inaction is through. This is a time now for disruption and direct action. 

We ask that all of you here today immediately contact your city councilors and the mayor urging these demands to be met. All contact information including phone numbers and email for the mayor and All-City councilors has now been posted on the aware Tulsa Facebook page. Thank you.”

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