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By Dominic “Duke” Durant, Staff Writer

Much is to be said about the Bennett’s. They are a family filled with love and positivity, and their deep affection and compassion for one another flow outwardly in every direction. The Bennett family is a model and staple in Tulsa.

Isaac Bennett recently moved back to Tulsa in 2015, following a successful football career at Pittsburg University.

Isaac is a source of strength for his family and community.


Seeking to find his niche in this world after college, he briefly ventured into the landscaping busy. However, a divine mission to improve the lives of people through teaching kids 7 and 8-grade Math was calling him to what seemingly appeared as another world, Vietnam.

He arrived in a place where none of his students spoke English. He used a translator for every lesson he taught. Needless to say, as every child enjoys their playtime, he made time for fun, too. As a former collegiate athlete, Issac volunteered his time as their soccer coach.

One day, after returning to Tulsa, it happened. He had an epiphany. Somewhere along his incredible journey in another’s world, he discovered the power of self-growth.  He instantly took to Facebook and created a profound post.

“I put a lot of effort into my hashtags; I want to make sure I really capture what’s going on in the picture. So I put #GrowDaily.”

A Facebook friend tagged Isaac in another status with the newly coined phrase, #GrowDaily.

Now, this trending #hashtag in Tulsa engages and educates people daily on the importance of maintaining self-growth in the areas of fitness, mental health, spirituality, and social interaction.

To no surprise, Bennett finds gratitude in nurturing and growing tomorrow’s leaders, the youth. He currently works as the athletic director at Crossover Sports Association. 


Q & A with Isaac Bennett

Duke: So Bennett, I’m sure the children and your colleagues love you at the academy. What do you gain from inspiring and nurturing at the academy?

Bennett: Working with Crossover Prep, I see great hope for the city. Wonderful staff! People who generally care about the community and the people in it. The children are key at Crossover. The walk with Christ is amazing. It shows in every one. To be able to see the children grow over just a year is truly a blessing and a constant reminder of collective community effort. To see the collective effort of the staff and the kids having that strong support and confidence is encouraging. It’s really looking bright for our city.

Duke: Word on the street is you have a health show/segment coming out soon! How true is this?

Bennett: Yeah! I’m starting a YouTube channel to reach people locally. I’m trying to take so much of the thinking out of [how to grow and make healthy decisions daily] for people. A cooking show is one way to do that. I plan to host an event to teach people to make healthy choices in their diets. Clean eating and training your body is one aspect that I find to be essential for longevity in your life. A ton of people miss the basics when it comes to eating and working out. I want to make it less intimidating. 

Duke: What are you going to call it? Wait! We’ll let that be a surprise for the people.

Be on the lookout for all of the many opportunities for growth that Isaac is going to educate us on. Be sure to follow, like, and share his page on Facebook, “My Health Matters.” I_growdaily on Instagram, be sure to follow him there as well. 


Dominic “Duke” Durant is a native Tulsan and Booker T. Washington High School graduate and is a contributing writer for the Black Wall Street Times and the Host of “The Duke Show.” Duke served in the United States Navy onboard the USS Bataan LHD 5. He’s earned the name “The Duke of Black Wall Street” for his interest in etiquette — coupled with fashion and attire, making him a dandy. Duke is a father of two beautiful daughters. When he’s not spending time with his girls or family and friends, he’s writing, volunteering at church (as a member of Metropolitan Baptist Church), or mentoring in the community. He is one of the founders of a Tulsa-based mentor group, “Men of Power.” 

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