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By: Casey McLerran 7.31.2018

“It like a big explosion, like a bomb falling on him, and TJ scream and start to cry, he on his ass, on the sidewalk, crying. WT just come running. And Blinky scream.”

an excerpt of : Little Man, Little Man by James Baldwin

 The prolific author, speaker, and activist James Baldwin (1924–1987) has had many accolades but his most simple and profound work has often been overlooked.

 Originally published for a short time by Dial Press (1976) in New York City with illustrations by Yoran Cazac , Little Man, Little Man: a story of childhood, details how the grit of inner city life intermingles with the beauty of family and community to form the thoughts and perspectives of 4 year old TJ.

 Details of life at home, life on the block, and images seen in movies merge  throughout the story to unfold the depth of TJ’s physically limited world view.

 In collaboration with Baldwin’s niece and nephew, who helped to influence the story of TJ and his older sister Blinkey, Duke University Press’s is re-releasing this necessary storybook  August 24th 2018.

Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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