Luna Cooper original from Ruined My Rhythm Vol. II
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Robert Soul and Luna Cooper collaborate on a Graphic Novel series set in Tulsa Oklahoma.

“…if we (can) collaborate, we get more than we want…”

By: Casey McLerran 08/08/2018

Author Robert Soul has been writing for almost thirty years, dabbling in poetry in Jr. High and High School. From there he moved on to journalistic writing for Preview magazine under his given name Robert Harmon, and helped to write and produce a musical for a Dallas area church based on the story of Esther and a cannon of original songs. Ruined My Rhythm is his first series of graphic novels.

While most graphic novels can be found in the Young Adult section Soul points out that the graphic novel is an impeccable medium for 2018. They have the ability to capture an audience quickly and help people visualize the story they are reading. “They draw you in.” says Soul.

The name Soul was gifted to Robert, and it fits his collaborative style perfectly.

In 2015 Soul met his unknown muse and his biggest collaborator, Luna Cooper and her twin sister Maia; a pair of  teen aged Latina sketch artists. Soul had already been working on a story line set in the Tulsa area about a Latina sketch artist, Maria, and felt Cooper was the best match to inform and co-conspire in his vision.

Soul describes Tulsa as a little city and a large town with a deep artistic undercurrent. Soul is as proud to be a part of our community as he is to be inspired by our community.

“Every thing happens because we are all connected, ‘ says Soul. “…No one would know about this story if it weren’t for Luna Cooper.”

Luna Cooper original from Ruined My Rhythm Vol. II
A snarky, intelligent outsider; Maria Sanchez is a teenager from Springfield, MO. After stealing from her foster parents, she takes a Greyhound bus to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in hopes of finding her father. She meets some interesting people in Tulsa who attempt to be a part of her world.

Ruined My Rhythm Vol. I and Vol. II can be found at Whitty Books or online.

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