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by: Casey McLerran



For Lovers

For Novices

For Escapist

For the escapism

That has been


Into our

Social machinery.

Weekends exist

To make us feel better

About working

so hard.

To make us forget

That we must



To prop up the


That there is


Less value

In just getting by.

Weekends exist

To remind us


That we are


In our convictions.

That our morality

Which sounds


Is lacking logic.


From reality.

Weekends exist

Because we are

At our


After five days

Of pretending

To be enough.

Smart enough

Strong enough

Moral enough

Pretending that

Our moments

Of weakness

Are not as valuable

As our moments

Of strength.

Weekends exist

For lovers.

Love does not


Casey McLerran is the Literary Editor at the Black Wall Street Times. She is a Sooner State transplant from Forest Hills, NY. McLerran arrived in Oklahoma at the age of three shortly after gentrification displaced her and her family out of their home in New York. At first glance, many think they have McLerran figured out. To be frank, she’s a biracial American young woman that unapologetically embraces her half-African identity — a feminist-womanist she is. Her pen operates as her voice as well as her sword. Her accolades include the 2018 Rural Oklahoma Poetry Museum’s Oklahoma Poem Award, a business management degree, and her three beautiful children. Her objective with the Black Wall Street Times is to elevate and amplify the literary art of modern black American culture, pay tribute to African-American literary trailblazers, all while simultaneously linking and introducing children to the world of colorful American writers.

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