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Photo Courtesy of Dezeray Edwards for Tulsa City Council, Dist 6

By: Editorial Board

East Tulsa is one of the most diverse areas of the city, and for a time has been an area of the city where the voices of many of its residents have gone unheard.  

On Tuesday, August 28th, residents of District 6 have an opportunity to start a new chapter for their community by electing Dezeray Edwards as their new city councilor. Edwards has been an active member of the District 6 community and an advocate for all Tulsans for years.

As a member of the board of directors for numerous organizations throughout the city, including the YWCA, TYPros, OKEQ and more, Edwards has garnered experience working in a collaborative and innovative fashion to build a better Tulsa for all people.

While her opponent, Councilwoman Connie Dodson, has been consistent in her outreach to members of her district, Dodson has often failed to approach her work through a critical lens of equity that this position requires. The difference, in the eyes of our editorial board, is stark.  

Dodson’s approach to community members who have challenged her thinking on issues including the dollar store moratorium, the controversial spray paint ordinance, and issues of systemic injustice and racism has often carried with it a hostile edge rather than a spirit of reflection.

Edwards has been open to listening, to learning and to seeking inclusivity in her work. This is evident in her community service and in the way she has run her campaign.  We are hopeful that, if elected, Edwards will serve as an advocate for social justice and equity to truly move this city closer to “One Tulsa”.

The editorial board of The Black Wall Street Times encourages our readers in District 6 to cast their vote for a better direction for their community and for our entire city.

Vote for Dezeray Edwards for city council, District 6 on Tuesday, August 28th

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