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By: Editorial Board

Over the past year, Blake Ewing has proved to the city of Tulsa what an immense hole he will leave to be filled on the city council.  He has been a staunch ally for equity and social justice, seeking to pause and listen when needed and speak out forcefully when the moment required it.

Tulsa’s fourth district has a vitally important role to play on Tuesday.  The district has the opportunity to continue and enhance this work by sending someone to the council who will continue the fight for “One Tulsa”.

We believe that each of the four candidates have proven themselves highly qualified for the role, and each has spoken out on combating injustice.  They have all campaigned with integrity and grace and have given us sincere hope for the future of the seat.

For our editors, however, two names simply rise above:

Kara Joy McKee and Juan Miret.

McKee and Miret have been tireless advocates for social justice, both within district four and throughout the entirety of the city.  They have spoken plainly and concretely about their desire to work with their fellow city counselors to build a future for Tulsa that is equitable, to use the equality indicators as guiding factors, to combat systems of oppression and fight vigorously to build something better for our city and for our kids.

McKee, a policy expert, local board member and community organizer, has invested deeply in listening to the people of District 4 and garnering a deeper understanding of the needs of each and every citizen within the district. She debates passionately about combating inequity and building a Tulsa that is progressive, inclusive and works for every single citizen.

Miret, the communications director of Growing Together, has focused his campaign on building a Tulsa that elevates the voice on every single citizen. This tenant of his work is so central to his campaign it he calls it the “fundamental base of our movement”.  Miret has been a longtime activist within the Kendall Whittier neighborhood and across the city of Tulsa. His vision for the city rests on equitable education, economic innovation and efficient transportation.

Again, we believe that all candidates running for office in District 4 would serve the citizens of the district well, but the outspoken, unmistakable and unapologetic push we have seen from McKee and Miret for racial and social justice since the beginning of their campaigns leave us particularly inspired.

This election will likely lead to a runoff in November, and we are hopeful that the people of the district will vote to send these two outstanding Tulsans onward to that race.

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